Recycling CD Cases


All you new iPod users, listen up! Our friend Julie recently asked us what to do with all the plastic CD cases she wants to dispose of now that she’s taken Mattie’s advice and put them all in a space-saving binder. Those little things are made with nasty PVC (recycle #3) which makes us all sick when it ends up in a landfill. Here’s what I found:

Mail them to this record label that will take your clean cases and reuse them:

Recycle your PVC CD Jewelcases: Earthology Records is the only environmental nonprofit CD duplication company in existence. They’ll shine up your donated old jewelcases with vinegar and water and reuse them for new CD projects. Simply ship your used jewel cases to:

Earthology Records
c/o Craig Minowa
46970 Tenquist Lane
Hinckley, MN 55037

Earth911 lists the following for PVC plastic (#3), which is what CD/DVD cases are made of.

Alternative Community Training (ACT)

2200 Burlington
Phone: (800) 305-3475
Days/Hours: This is a mail-in program.

Web Link:
Location Notes: ACT is a non-profit organization that works in conjunction with GreenDisk and offers a convenient, comprehensive recycling program for all types of media. This organization employs adults with disabilities to clean and inspect used tape cassettes and return them to useful lives. A tax deduction slip will be mailed to you for your donation Please visit the website or call for more information.
Materials Collected / Services Offered:
Batteries: Rechargeable Batteries (non-NiCd)
Electronics: Compact Discs (CDs)/DVDs, Electronics, Inkjet Cartridges, Toner Cartridge, Video Tapes
Plastic: #3 Plastic, Other Plastics
Reuse: Cell phone and Equipment Reuse/Recycle, Computer Floppy Disks

GreenDisk takes your “technotrash”, does it up good, then sells it back to you. They take small things like CD cases, or large things like computers. I can’t believe I didn’t buy everyone a “Technotrash Can” for Christmas!

GreenDisk offers a convenient, comprehensive set of services to help individuals and organizations reduce the expense and the environmental impact associated with obsolete technology. Specialized, convenient recycling programs are available for virtually all forms of technotrash. Each program pays particular attention to the secure, audited disposal of the intellectual property that is uniquely associated with this waste stream. With audited accountability you can be assured that your files are safe. And you can demonstrate that your materials have been disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.