Carnival of the Green #56


Here it is! The Carnival of the Green # 56! Urban Eco is pround to be host once again to this fabulous idea.

What the heck is it? Check out Treehugger for details.

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Deanna Taylor of Dee’s ‘Dotes offers an account and reflection of the Desert Greens Green Party of Utah’s First Annual Buy Nothing Day Winter Coat Exchange. The Exchange promoted the concepts of reducing, reusing, and recyling while providing a service to the needy of the Salt Lake community and education on consumerism to shoppers.

Victoria E discusses why global warming wouldn’t really be so bad if we had more pollution to shade us from all that pesky sun. Kind of reminds me of something the Yes Men would do. Sigh. Take a look at Victoria’s posting here.

The seasonal rush to Christmas has begun. In an effort to get started on the right foot, Greener Magazine has come up with a short list of dos and don’ts designed to help you ease into the season and perhaps even enjoy the holidays for a change. Have a great greener Christmas!

Don Bosch at The Evangelical Ecologist interviewed Chloe Schwabe from the National Council of Churches (U.S.) Eco-Justice program this week. The Q&A is posted here. Lots of great info from her on how to green-up the buildings that house your local faith community, and what NCC is doing to support faith-based ecology nationally.

Sally Kneidel, co-author of Veggie Revolution, posts about a November 30th demonstration and rally in her city against Smithfield meats. Smithfield operates the world’s largest hog processing plant 75 miles east of Raleigh NC. Smithfield has been fined multiple times for labor and environmental abuses, and routinely criticized for animal violations. Demonstrations are planned in 11 more NC cities in the next few days.

As the US celebrated Thanksgiving, a new study revealed that almost half the food in the country goes to waste. Nina from Queer Cents presents Save Money by Cutting Down on Food Waste posted at Queercents.

In this post Sameer features the work of Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI) from Pune, India. He focuses especially on the two rural energy projects by ARTI, the compact biogas system and the briquetted charcoal from sugarcane waste project, which have won the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy in 2006 and 2002 respectively. This post is also the first in a new series on Oorjaa which he calls “small is beautiful.”

From blogger Aaron Newton: How To Make And Grow A Luffa
“For the third autumn in a row I am pleased to be harvesting my shower sponge for next year. Now I know that must sound like a strange statement but it’s true. Many people are surprised when they find out I grow my own Luffa sponges. “Don’t those come from the sea?”, is the standard question to which I respond that the Luffa is a vegetable you can grow in your very own garden.”

and Aason’s folow up: More on How To Make And Grow A Luffa
“Quite a few people were interested in my recent harvest of Luffa shower sponges. I thought I’d explain a bit more about the plant and the process of growing it. Luffa aegyptiaca Mill. or as it is commonly called, the Loofah, is a vegetable native to South America.”

For those of you in the midst of snowy winter, this photo might brighten your day. GrrlScientist presents Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Passiflora lutea and Yellow-spotted Salamander
posted at Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

If you’re interested in communicating the importance of climate change and the necessity for change at any level then this 50-minute talk by Solitaire Townsend at MIT is a must-see. Graham Caswell presents Communicating Climate Change (Video) posted at Graham

Dan Harris presents China’s Foreign Business Blame Game posted at China Law Blog.

In case you’re wondering how to best recycle your toilet paper rolls and junk mail, Clink presents $.05: What do rodents and shredders have in common… posted at Coins On The Pavement.