Eco-Electronics Buying Guide


If the crowds at Wal-Mart are any indication, this holiday season will be another one full of electronics purchasing. As a recovering Technology Goddess, electronics recycling is near and dear to my heart. So, before you buy that new computer for your honey (or your digitally challenged father) do a little extra research on what goes into your machine, and what you should do with that old pile of junk you’re replacing.

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Carnival of the Green #56


Here it is! The Carnival of the Green # 56! Urban Eco is pround to be host once again to this fabulous idea.

What the heck is it? Check out Treehugger for details.

You can find last and next week’s Carnivals at our friends at:
November 27th – Great Green Goods
December 11th – Organic Authority

Thanks for visiting the Carnival of the Green this week (wow! 56 weeks!) We hope you take a few minutes to check out the Urban Eco store for some green shopping ideas too. Enjoy!

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Ongoing house projects


As the end of the year approaches, I’ve been taking stock of the progress that Laura and I have made in our quest to lead a more sustainable life. I look around our house and there is a lot to feel good about, and despite our best intentions a lot that is still to be done. Many of the things we’ve managed to do around the house are things that we’d all probably consider low-hanging fruit.

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Recycling CD Cases


All you new iPod users, listen up! Our friend Julie recently asked us what to do with all the plastic CD cases she wants to dispose of now that she’s taken Mattie’s advice and put them all in a space-saving binder. Those little things are made with nasty PVC (recycle #3) which makes us all sick when it ends up in a landfill. Here’s what I found:

Mail them to this record label that will take your clean cases and reuse them:

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Carnival of the Green #12

Urban Eco is thrilled to be hosting the Carnival of the Green this week. Lucky us, we’re between last week’s Carnival at Ideal Bite, and next week’s at the blog formerly known as Treehugger Mum, now EcoStreet. We’re like an awesome green blog sandwich.

The Carnival of the Green is organised by City Hippy and Triple Pundit and is a roving digest of the green blogosphere with a sustainability focus as opposed to green politics in general. Just like a regular real carnival it roams around offering a sample of its world.

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